Anyone joining me?

4th December. Walking on the Lancaster canal and then Lune. to Crook o Lune for a butty at 11. Lunch at Railway Tavern Caton. Then along the cycleway and main road to stay at Hornby Castle Hotel.               5th December. Over the old bridge to Gressingham. To the Devils Bridge at 3. 

5th December

Setting off tomorrow to walk the River Lune.. And collecting donations for the Gregson fireworks.

Monday 4th. Lovely lunch with Norman at the Railway in Caton. Really worth the walk. Only took 2 hours. Bull Beck truck stop friendly. But stick to tea. The coffee is weak instant. You can camp there. Covered in sparrows…thought they were supposed to be dying out? Now at the Fenwick Arms in Claughton. No cakes. Will have to wait til the Hornby cafe. Its hard to look at the lovely scenery. Keep

thinking of tidying. Tax forms. Xmas. Etc. Bridget had a good suggestion for Xmas. Watch the ex….and think the new partner has to put up with that. Hehehe.

Just so you know _ you can have xmas dinner at the Fenwick Arms. For 69.99 per person. Hope it’s good.

Here is Norman having a coffee at Bull Beck lorry cafe. He gave them some veggies. So they charged 1.95 instead of 2 pounds. How does that work?

Why does this sheep have a snazzy outfit? All the other sheep were naked.

Between Caton and Claughton is a cottage with an old signal box. No railway of course. Beeching chopped that after the coal fired power station in Morecambe was demolished. Cool to have a signal box. Btw they also sell free range eggs for 1 pound a box. But not in December of course. So how does my milkman still deliver free range eggs through the winter? A bit suspicious. Will ask him if i can visit the farm and check up on the hens.

PS did you see the hens free ranging under the signal box? Will ask questions occasionally to see if you are listening at the back.

Interesting discussion at the Hornby hotel. If you value freedom, then you also value inequality. Currently a hot political topic in America. You can add comments to this blog I think.

Found the comments section. Thanks folks!

Walking alone with a blog is like those conversations you have with people in dreams. Reveals the contents of the inside of my cognition. The dark side, usually unseen.

Oo thanks folks. Just found out my followers are now in double figures. After only 1 day.😁 Luckily I can do maths so have drawn a graph. Wont bore you with the algebraic details, but soon it will be Kim Kardashian eat your heart out, with your 5.3 million followers.

I expect a shortish essay from each follower on the theme of the clash between the 2 ideals of equality and personal freedom . According to the 2 young men in Hornby hotel, this is much discussed in America. But not here in England. Don’t know about Scotland Wales Ireland. Probably the reason the same voters voted in Obama then Trump. I asked them if ok to put on blog and they said yes but couldnt take a photo, as my phone had mysteriously switched itself to video. Another customer put it back to photos fir me. This smartphone is a bit too smart if you ask me…..a mind of its own. Rather worrying. What will it do next? Dont buy an LG phone folks.

The only guest at breakfast at

Hornby hotel. Luxury! The waitress knocked on my door as they dont do wakeup calls. Then she lost the breakfast menu and us having to look up and read it out from the computer. Why not just go and ask the chef if they have egg and bacon? Maybe the

only reason this hotel still in business us the pub has closed and being turned into flats.

Beautiful hotel. Maybe i will get one of these Victorian style baths to wallow in.

Walked across the lovely old Loyne Bridge to Arkholme. And Janice was gardening. Kindly gave me coffee. And a plastic bag for my boots. Which are soaked. As the Luneside Ramble is very muddy in parts. So heading to the Devils Bridge on the road. 5 miles. Should be there by 4….?

People round Hornby are inured to walkjng on roads with no pavement. Passed an elderly couple with a toddler in a pushchair. Near Hornby. They didnt bother to get on the verge. Just let the cars drive round them…😣

The Lune path v muddy in places. So decided to go on the road to Newton. Not even a verge!😣 Only 1 bus per day 830am!! So took the advice of the pub manager at Arkholme ….And hitched.! Second car stopped…lovely Scottish lady called Kath. On way to weekly quilting club. Here is her website in case you need an unusual xmas present.

Kathskraftsforlupus. After her quilting in Barbon Kath gave me a lift to Morecambe.

Gordon comes across to the Devil’s bridge every week from Bradford. Takes an hour. He reckons there are more and more women driving motorbikes. Even in their seventies. May be a good idea for my next birthday present hint hint.

Well that’s my long walk. Had to give up as rain forecast tomorrow. Will explore non-road routes in the spring. But may not be possible to walk the Lune valley all the way. Perhaps starting at Kirby Londdale safest.

Many thanks to the 59 visitors making 203 views . And comments. Will post the amount given to the Gregson Festival fund later, but thanks to everyone who donated. XXX

PS the fuzzy photo is a tiny seagull sitting on the Devils Bridge. Dont know how to remove dud photos. But will learn. And use Moyna’s suggestion of an automatic Map App. By the way, why do you never see baby seagulls. Or baby pigeons?

Conclusion: Wayay too muddy to walk the Lune . Will try again in the spring. Then Mandy and some of the Gregson festival fundraisers can join me. Or may have to walk the coastal path up to Ulverston instead. I think you can register as a ‘follower’ on this blog. Then you will get an email next spring when i set off again.

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Ps. The sheep is a ram. Bridget says a crayon is attachrd to his snazzy leather jacket. So the farmer can tell which sheep has mated with. He looks handsome but weary. After all the mating. Like Rod Stewart. Maybe he can do arithmetic and see he has only 6 sheep left to do. Rod the Ram i mean. I know Rod Stewart can add up.

Pps. Many thanks to Sarah Thornton for setting up the blog for me.🐵